Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Ok, Maybe I Really Don't Want to Workout!

Between my toes still being ever so slightly numb and the window guys surprising me yesterday (all new windows are being installed in my building), I haven't worked out! I can't go to the gym today either because I'm watching the window guys install the windows over next door. Maybe, mentally, I'm not ready to workout again.

Then again, with all the walking I've been doing since I started my new job, it's not such a bad deal. With walking, I mean in the job and walking to and from the subway station. Also, over the weekend, our elevator broke. I live on the fourth floor, which is really the fifth floor (the lobby doesn't count as a floor). I've been trekking it up and down the stairs (sometimes with Louie in my arms) several times a day. Actually, now that I think about it, the stop I get off on in Manhattan has three flights of stairs. There you go that's my workout!

To top it off, since the new windows were being installed, the amount of soot that blanketed my apartment was utterly disgusting. It was so bad that Louie's paws were dark grey. My dog is white (with some beige)! After I came home from work, I had to give him a bath, which that in itself is a workout. I just couldn't tolerate looking at his dirty paws. I also had to lather him up four times. The rest of him was also covered in soot, which made the water black. Poor baby! I wonder if he felt gross. You know, I'm kind of tired. I'm taking a nap!

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