Sunday, July 02, 2006

No More Stitches!

Thanks to Dr. J, my stitches are all gone! Dr. J came over my next door neighbor's place (you know the best friend that called Dan for me when I stabbed myself). She heard about my finger, took a lok at it, and told me that I should have the stitches removed. After we were done eating, she grabbed a pair of scissors and tweezers (sterilized them, of course) and began taking them out. The stitches on the top of my finger didn't hurt, which makes sense since I have no feeling there. The ones on the bottom part of my finger hurt a bit. I had one stitch that was imbedded. That one did hurt. Dr. J explained that when stitches stay in too long, they become part of your skin. Since they've beome part of your body, removing them is painful.

The scars are looking fine, but my finger is still swollen. I feel as if the swelling increased a little. I am icing it right now, which is making it difficult to type. I could only bend my finger slightly. Dr. J recommended that once it is completely healed, to make sure I massage the area for some therapy. My finger has been stiff for the past week and a half so it's natural that I can't really move it around.

I'm glad I got these removed today. I have a few more days to recover before I begin my new job. Hopefully by then, I'll have more range of motion. We'll see!! Dr. J, thank you so much!!!!!

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