Monday, September 04, 2006

Sunday was Great!

The Sun made its presence to the North East (at least NY/NJ area). Although Dan and I got a late start to our day (we were out late the night before), we made the most of this gorgeous day. For starters, I need to show you what I was looking at through my window.


Very different view from the other day? As you all know, I love autumn. Yesterday was a perfect autumn day. We headed out to Jersey, got some gas (this time we spent $36 instead of $45), and went to the Palisades Interstate Park. This park brings memories to me from when my sister and I were little kids. My parents would take us to "el parque abajo del George Washington Bridge." The park was known to us as the park under the GWB.

I guess I was too little to realize how big this park actually is. It goes all the way into New York. Not only is it huge, but it has 30 miles worth of hiking trails! I'm such a dork. I grew up around the area and never knew any of this. What a loser! Now that we've know all of this information, we're going to frequent this place very often.

Since I asked Dan for hiking boots/sneakers for my birthday, I'll be set to hike all the trails in the area. In fact, we made a date to return Oct. 1st because there is a guided hiking tour. You don't understand, I love hiking! I haven't done it in such a long time. We did walk a trail that was about a mile long that stretched along the river. We had such a great time. I regret not bringing the camera along. There would have been a lot of nice pictures.

I was checking out their calendar of events and there are hiking tours pretty much every weekend. There's even a Halloween tour! If you're interested, check this place out. There's plenty to do.

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