Monday, December 18, 2006

I'm Pooped!

We are very near that time of year where holiday stress is way up. I am not exactly stressed about Christmas, but I'm tired. So as a result, I've kind of lost the Christmas spirit. You can't blame me, the next day I have off from work is Christmas Eve. I'll actually have two days off together and all I could think about is staying home and relaxing. I'm not in the mood of celebrating. I won't even have time to prepare for it. On the 23rd., I'll probably pull another ten or eleven hours, which leaves me exhausted for Christmas Eve celebrations.

It's already happening. On Sundays, I try to go out and only last about two or three hours. Yesterday, we went out to get some gifts and food shop. While we were food shopping, I got cranky and wanted to get home. The night ended well because I got to watch one of my gifts. Dan and I never wait for Christmas to give each other gifts. He got me "The Lost Boys" on DVD (I have it on VHS), which is one of my favorite movies of all time. We sat down, ate popcorn, and watched it. After the movie was done, I went straight to sleep.

I don't know how Dan is doing it because he's been working six-day work weeks for seven weeks now. He holds it together better than I do. I've only been doing it for almost three weeks and I'm falling apart. I suck! I give him lots of credit for working so hard. We deserve a vacation and we won't be taking one anytime soon. We'll have to do a little weekend getaway soon (of course we'll have to stop working weekends).

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