Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!

I decided I would go back and see what my New Year's Resolutions were last year to see if I followed through on any of them.

1. Workout (which I do now anyway, but I want it to be more of a routine)
2. Loose 15 lbs. (even though I don't feel fat in any way, I want to loose those last 15).
3. Take the stairs the majority of the times (I live on the fourth floor, which in NYC is really the fifth floor because the lobby doesn't count. This will definitely help me with resolution #2).
4. Meditate more (I need my quiet time).
5. Be more giving.
6. Pursue my calling.
7. Expand my knowledge of crochet.
8. Learn how to knit better.
9. Read more books.
10. Gossip less (I try not to talk about people, but sometimes I find myself doing so)
11.Be grateful.

Let's see how I did. Well, my exercise routine came to a screeching halt when I messed up my knees and hip (btw, I hurt my left knee at work again). I definitely have not lost any weight. Actually, I've gained about five pounds (of course I weighed myself after having my mom's Xmas dinner). I haven't been taking the stairs at home at all, but since I take the subway all the time, I do take the stairs then. I have not increased my meditation time. I do, however, take a few minutes at night before going to sleep and thank all of those higher beings that help me throughout my day to day activities. I have been very giving, but you could always do more. My crochet and knitting have improved, but lately I haven't been able to dedicate much time to it. Although last night, while I was icing my knee, I did do some knitting. I've been reading plenty of books. I'm not sure I've increased my reading, but I've bought plenty of books this past year. Reading is a form of meditation for me. So, I try to get my hands on as many books as I can. I have made an effort to not gossip as much, but I still find it difficult. I don't mean gossiping like "Oh do you know what this person did?" I mean commenting about other's situations if the conversation comes up. I have to work on that one. Last but not least, I have been incredibly grateful. Like I mentioned before, I give thanks about everything.

So, what do I expect from myself for the new year?

1. Enjoy more of life with Dan.
2. Be more grateful.
3. Meditate more.
4. Set aside time for my hobbies.
5. Go away with Dan more often.

I shortened my resolutions because life should be simple. As long as I'm enjoying life, everything else should fall into place. I hope you all have a great new year. Have fun tonight!

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Happy New Year!!!