Sunday, December 10, 2006

Well, I've Been a Bit Busy

Let me start off by saying that work has completely overtaken any free time I basically have. I'm not saying this because I'm swinging both jobs. The hours I'm spending at my bartending job have increased and not because I've been picking up any shifts. The place is mobbed from when we open up until we close. On Friday, I spent ten and a half hours there and yesterday was twelve. I'm not complaining because I am making really good cash. I'm just tired.

Today was our first day off (Dan is also pulling six-day work weeks). We did a little shopping. I'm upgrading my wardrobe for the new job. I have to say that I've gotten plenty of clothes for little money. With all the coupons and sales stores are having, I can't complain! I've gotten four sweaters, three pairs of pants, and two blouses for about $170 (and I actually spent less because I had a $75 gift card from my birthday). Can you believe that?

By the way, I think I've gained some weight. I went up a size, but my old clothes still fit me. Nowadays, designers are cutting clothes so differently that I end up trying a bunch of different sizes. Every store is different. Low rise pants fit me horrible because they don't take into account my big ass. I'm not being mean about myself. I've got back. I'm not ashamed of it, either. Those low rise pants are not meant for Latinas like me. I've got curves and lots of them. And you know what? I love my body.

I realized this today in the fitting room. I don't have the best looking legs. I could definitely flatten my belly. My arms say bye-bye every time I wave, but whatever. I'm happy with the way I look. For a long time, I hated how curvy my body is. Nothing fits right, but that's not my fault. They make clothes for women that are suppose to look like boys. Very few designers make clothes with us in mind. Those that do are Daisy Fuentes and J Lo. There is a brand called Apple Bottoms, which I've only seen ads for. I'm not aware of any other brands that help me out.

There you have it! I do need to work out again. My knees and hip have stopped hurting. It's time I hit the pavement. I just need some free time. Since I'll be making my own hours at this new job, I'll make sure I schedule workout time. I love how my body feels when I workout. No matter how much I workout, I'll still be curvy. Even if I shrink in size, I'll still have a hard time buying pants. Whatever, whatever, whatever...

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