Friday, January 19, 2007

It's Snowing!

I love it!! Technically, last night was the first snowfall. It was more like a mixture of snow and rain. There are big flakes coming down this morning, but it will probably turn to rain. I love it when it snows. Of course, it's not pretty when you can't get around, but a little bit of snow is nice.

It's been a mild winter so far. I know winter has been around for about a month, but this is the first snowfall. In fact, only this past past week has it actually felt like winter with the temperatures dropping to the 20s. No complaints here! I should probably crochet or knit up some gloves/mittens before the weather gets really cold. I realized that the two pair of gloves that I have are these old hand knit gloves I bought when I was a senior in high school. Ya! Time for new ones.

You know what? It's already turned to rain. I guess that's it for the snow today.


Melissa H said...


Yeah, well... I know that I live in FL, but it would be nice to get more than 4 hours in the 50s in mid-January. How can we hide our holiday fat when we can't wear sweaters and are forced to wear shorts in 80 degree weather??

Xia Diaz said...

That's true! I am wearing bulky sweaters to hide the pounds I've gained!