Sunday, January 07, 2007

Just Stuff

Restaurant work has slowed down to a screeching halt. My cue to really get things going at the other job. Well, I'm already working hard. I'm staying late calling people all day long. Once I get the laptop working (or buy a new one), I'll start calling people from home. Besides helping people out with their finances, I'm able to work from home, which I love.

Changing the subject, I've been in a bad mood the last few days. I wake up cranky and remain that way throughout the day. The good thing about this is that I try to tone it down and I don't let it bother me so much. This makes a huge difference on how I interact with people. I'm still laughing and smiling. I don't let my bad mood control me. In fact, whenever I get a bad thought in my head, I release the thought. If I can't get it out of my head, than I deliberately begin thinking about my new job. I'm so excited about the prospects of this job that I begin imagining myself talking to people constantly.

Let me tell you, it works. I immediately begin seeing the difference. I believe that like attracts like. I've mentioned this before in other posts. When I'm in a bad mood, stupid stuff happens all around me. For instance, the other day I couldn't get a seat on the train going into Manhattan. My stop is the second stop to Manhattan. There's no reason why I would be able to sit. I got to work and everything was misplaced, the dishwasher wasn't working, and I spent sometime reorganizing the bar before I began working.

I got over being mad and began thinking up scenarios about the other job and the day went smoothly. I got out early, went home, and relaxed. I'm telling you, whatever is going through your head affects everything around you. So, I'm working on my bad mood. I haven't been able to shut it off completely because I'm even having bad dreams. I do know that it will eventually leave and I refuse to let it control me.

Anyway, that's about it with my life. Besides being very tired, not much else is going on. I'm working on my meditation (although last night, I completely fell asleep on the couch). In fact, I'll let you go. I think I'll meditate for a bit this morning.

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