Sunday, August 19, 2007

Now that the Pictures have been Uploaded!

Finally, after a week from hell (well practically, but that's another post), Dan was able to upload the pictures from the shower. I can't begin to tell you how beautiful and wonderful our shower was. So, I'll try to describe as much as I can.

For starters, Sal (the host) is very talented. I'm always amazed at her attention to detail and how creative she is. The place looked awesome and I know how hard she worked on it. There were fortune cookies that she ordered that read fortunes about Dan, me, and the baby. It was so cute! One of the fortunes said, "The baby's name will be William." I had no idea you could do this.

Every table had two piggy banks with pennies in them that everyone took home at the end of the day. I loved that! We decided on a seating chart to make it easier for everyone (no fighting on who is sitting next to who). When you went up to the table to grab your number, your name was attached to a blue pacifier. She also had boxes that included picture frames, Cadbury chocolate bar, fortune cookies, and some had piggies. Every table also had tones of mints for after dinner.

So Sal, I could never thank you enough for making that day as wonderful as it was. I love you a lot!

Now I have to go to my other friend, Andrea. She is also Miss Creative! Andrea is responsible for the invitations. She personally made them, which came out beautiful. Her creativity doesn't stop there.

The doll that Dan and I are holding is made up of blankets, cloth diapers, bibs, wrist rattlers, little toys, and other stuff that I know I'm leaving out. How adorable is that? She should definitely start making these and selling them. She'll make tons of money. I felt bad pulling it apart when I got home.

Andrea, went absolutely crazy with everything, too. She made a card box for us so that anyone who had gotten us gift cards, checks, or cash didn't have to worry about their money being lost. She also made a book box, which now stores all of Will's books that I'll be reading very happily. I love reading and the fact that Will already has a library of books, excites me to no end.

Andrea is another person that I have no idea how I would make this all up to, but somehow I will. I thank you very much for all of your hard work. I'll never forget this.

Now I have to go to the grandparents (all four of them). Between my parents and Dan's parents, they've spent a small fortune on their grandson. They've been very helpful and without them this shower would not have happened. They blindly trusted Sal to do all the preparations without any hesitation. They were all smiling ear to ear at the party. I could also never thank them enough for all they've done. I love them very much.

Last, but not least, I have to say that I'm overwhelmed by the generosity of everyone. All of my friends and family have spent way too much money. The amount of gifts that we have is just astonishing. I don't know how we'll be able to repay each and every single person. I love everyone of you and I'll make sure that Will will always know how much he's loved by everyone.

Here's one last picture to show you what our apartment looks like after it's been filled up with gifts.
The funny thing is that there are more gifts that have arrived since this picture like the stroller/car seat set, my glider with the ottoman, a bathtub, and a few more items. You could only imagine how amazed Dan and I are. The following morning we stood in the living room just staring at everything, not sure of what to do. Dan turned to me and said "This is no longer our apartment, but the kid's apartment." He could not have said it better.


Melissa H said...

We talked about you yesterday, both disgusted that you have only gained 17 lbs in your pregnancy (you gorgeous woman!!)

Xia Diaz said...

LOL! Thanks!

Xia Diaz said...

I'm up to 23lbs. (water retention). My ankles are huge now!