Tuesday, August 07, 2007

One of Them Days

It started off with a bowl of cereal on my lap, feet, and floor. After cleaning it off, I cried a bit to Dan about it and finished getting ready for work. Nothing spectacular happened throughout the workday. In that aspect, I can't complain.

I stayed at work until 5 (I need some overtime hours; I left early on Friday). I don't mind staying late because then I get to go home with Dan. We leave work about 10 minutes early. Our car is in the shop and it was ready to be picked up. The place closes at six, which doesn't leave much leeway on time. Anyway, we get into the train and it's packed to the point that I don't get pass the door much. It takes three stops for anyone to actually notice I'm pregnant and offer me a seat, which I greatly appreciated. My belly kept on hitting the lady in front of me. We all looked like sardines.

Once we enter the Bronx, the conductor announces that the train is going local. At which point Dan asks me if we should get off, but we couldn't. There was no way we would reach the door in time. Our train doesn't empty out until our stop, which is delayed right at the station. We're stuck for some unknown reason. Finally, the train moves and we get out.

We pick up the car and that works out just fine. Once home, I quickly start making dinner. There was nothing exciting about dinner. I cooked some sweet Italian sausages and rotelle pasta with store bought tomato sauce. I wasn't going to eat. I got stuffed from the ice cream cones we got from a Mr. Softee right before getting home. Anyway, I ask Dan to strain the pasta for me. We have one of those pots that you could strain from because the lid has little holes. He's done straining it and turns it over one more time to get the excess water out. The lid comes crashing off and the pasta goes all over the sink. He just walks out and gets really upset. I laugh it off.

If my day is going to finish with remaking pasta, so be it. I think the weird stuff stopped there. I don't feel anymore bad vibes. Even though I try not to focus on how bad my day starts, I do believe it lingers on throughout the rest of the day. Luckily, I keep a pretty optimistic outlook of life. If I had truly let that bowl of cereal get to me, my day would have been worse. I did also participate in some gossip, which I try not to do. It just brings bad stuff.

Anyway, that's how my day has been. How was yours?

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