Sunday, August 26, 2007

Random Ramblings

We decided today to take it easy and go to the mall. We needed to grab some more stuff for my hospital bag like toiletries, petroleum jelly (for Will), and some other items that I can't remember of right now. We were having a nice time, but boy was I extremely tired. The swelling of my legs, combined with my sciatica kicking in, made walking around the mall absolutely painful. On top of that, I couldn't shake off my sleepiness. Actually, I fell asleep on a bench waiting for Dan to come back from a store (I must of looked like a crazy pregnant women). Who falls asleep at the mall?

So much for taking it easy! I couldn't even hang out and enjoy the day. We were even suppose to go grocery shopping, but I wouldn't have made it out of the car. Ahhhh..... and now tomorrow back to work. How will I make through the day? I did manage to fall asleep on our drive home and take a nap when we actually got home. Honestly, I could go back to sleep.

I find it amazing how quickly my energy level has diminished since I've hit my 36th week. I'm a mess. Granted, we've been actively searching for an apartment for the past two weeks, which has seriously added a great amount of stress besides the obvious upcoming birth of our son. Regardless, I just can't take it anymore. I looked like an old lady trying to walk through the mall today. I even need help getting up from my seat at times.

Are my energy levels going to get worse once Will is here and I'm feeding him every two to three hours? At least I'll be home for the first two months, which should ease my pain. I think I would feel better if I weren't running around all over the place. I need to scale back my activity levels because obviously I'm crashing.

Speaking of activity levels, (this will sound weird due to my lack of energy) but I'm dying to exercise. I really am! My legs and arms are looking flabby and I hate it. I also miss the energy levels I get from exercising. Hopefully, I'll be able to juggle a newborn, a job, and exercise. Why not? Other women do it all the time. In reality, it's been almost a year since I've worked out. I had messed up my knee around October of last year and stopped working because of it. Once it had healed, I was already pregnant. I could have worked out during the pregnancy, but that lack of energy has been a problem with me throughout my whole pregnancy.

The one thing that will be different once I get back into my exercise routine is the type of job I'll have. I'm no longer working nights or weekends. My jog is a straight up 8-4 gig, which makes planning an exercise regime easier (of course this doesn't include a newborn taking up most of my free time). Besides that, I think I'll be able to work something out. Having the weekends off will help out with my time. Let's see what happens.

Alright, I think I'm done with my rambling. There's more that I probably want to chat about, but I have to fix the hoody I'm knitting for little Will. I have a feeling tonight will be the only time I'll get to it. Chat with you soon!

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