Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I Hate Today

Today is one of those days that I want to throw things at people. In fact, the sight of people piss me off. It has been a really, really long time since I've felt this way. My morning started off with finding out that part of my laundry is missing (we have our laundry done for us). I opened the bag to grab my favorite jeans in the whole world and they weren't there. My other pair of jeans, which I don't really care for weren't there either. I don't know what else is missing, but I had someone else's laundry mixed in with mine.

This may be petty, but it ruined my day. You know why? I'll tell you. I don't have any clean jeans for tomorrow. Guess what I had to do after work? Yup, buy a pair. Do you know what happens when I try to buy jeans? I want to smack the living crap out of designers who forget that there are women out there that actually have fuckin curves!!

By no means am I heavy (anymore). I'm not skinny either. I have hips and a big butt. My tops are usually mediums. My bra size is normal (well, they're a bit bigger since I'm nursing). I fit into a size 10 (well the jeans I have at home are 10s). Apparently, there are different size 10s. I went to Old Navy and tried on 4 pairs of jeans, two 10s and two 12s. None of them fit me right, but I did buy one of them. I bought the size 12 Classic Fit Flare. They look great up until it reaches my waist. Guess what? They're huge around my waist and my underwear stick out. You would think the size 10 would fit. Nope. They were too tight and my underwear really stuck out.

How is a woman suppose to feel after trying on clothes that just don't fit right? There's nothing wrong with my body. Could I loose some more weight? Sure, but is it critical to do so? No. I felt totally not sexy or good about myself after I left there. This is so frustrating.

Get it together designers! Make clothes that fit!!!


Anonymous said...

I know we're different sizes but we both have that butt issue - if it fits the butt it doesn't fit anything else. After years of dealing with it, I just started to turn over 90% of all the clothes I buy to the nice lady at the dry cleaners who takes everything in at the waist and makes it all fit beautifully. It's the only way to do it because, like you, I had a closet filled with clothes but only had one or two items that fit right.


PS. I had these black pants that I LOVED and lost to a laundromat in Jersey City like 8 years ago and I'm STILL mourning them. I feel your pain!

Melissa H said...

Holy crap, I could have written this post about buying clothes. I frickin' hate to buy clothes for this very reason. I'm curvy. I have boobs and hips. I'm not a clothes hanger.