Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Funk

On my way home from work, I came to the realization that I'm in the middle of a funk. How did I come to this realization? Well, I ripped my brand new jeans (the ones that I wasn't crazy about). They're not even 24 hours old and they're ripped in the knee. As I was trying to sit down on the bus, the seat in front of me was torn and had a sharp piece of metal sticking out. Of course, I caught my jeans on it.

When Dan sat down, I showed him what happened and cried. I cried and laughed because it's just absolutely ridiculous. He tried calming me down, but man those tears wouldn't stop coming down. After a while, I calmed down. What else could I possibly do? At least the rip isn't huge.

I know why this all happening to me. I'm worn out and I'm attracting all of this weird stuff. My days begin at 5 and don't end until midnight. I'm out of the house by 7 and don't get home until 7. I try to keep some normalcy around the house by making dinner so that it doesn't feel that all I do is work. It also irks me that the baby is only awake for an hour after we get home. The only times I get to enjoy him awake are on the weekends.

I need to change my frame of mind in order to start attracting some good stuff. This will be hard to do because it's hard getting out of a funk once you're in it. Meditation is out of the question. There's no way I could stay awake long enough to relax.

Anyway, time to go. It's midnight and I still have to finish the dishes. Ughhhh......

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gretchen said...

You have been giving 110% for a long long time now, something's got to give once in awhile! I'd be really really pissed about my jeans being gone (will you be able to get them back?) You are so right about trying on jeans (Old Navy's clothes rarely fit me right) and I have been all grumpy with the people at jury duty for no better reason than they try to talk to me too much! Just go with the crying and the funk for a little while and then it will pass. Sorry you're feeling this way!

That picture a couple posts down is awesome- definitely belongs in a frame at your office.