Saturday, February 09, 2008

Random Things

Sometimes, I attract strange situations. I'm kind of use to it. For instance, one day Dan, Cody (coworker friend), and I were walking through the subway to catch the 7 train. A homeless man is walking towards us swinging a bag. He's seems really into it. As we cross paths, he swings that bag right onto my head. Dan and Cody didn't notice because they were slightly ahead of me. What are the chances of getting smacked by a homeless man?

Yesterday, I was on my way to the bus standing in the corner waiting for the light to change. All of us that are standing on this corner are looking towards our left to see if there are any cars coming. As soon as the light turns green for us, I turn my head to walk forward and I end up eating some guy's shoulder. He hit me so hard across my nose that tears came to my eyes. It was so hard that my teeth ended up scraping his jacket. Can you believe this guy didn't even stop to ask me if I was ok? He just kept on walking as if nothing had happened. I yelled out in pain and was just amazed.

If I hadn't had my breast pump with me (it's basically a suitcase) and Will's milk in there, I would have seriously grabbed the guy and asked him what the fuck was wrong with him. This guy wasn't someone homeless where you could assume that he wasn't all there. He was a young guy dressed very nicely. A simple "I'm sorry" would have made me happy. How do you walk so close to someone that as soon as she turns her face she eats your shoulder? My nose was still red when I got to my parents' house.

Keeping with the weird theme, I was in the kitchen at my job filling up these microwavable bags with my pump stuff (they steam the stuff clean; it's pretty neat). Now, my pump bag is open and it's pretty clear what it is. This man walks in, looks at my bag, looks at me, and asks if I have something good in there. I was a bit stumped at this one and must have turned bright red. My answer was "No, I'm just cleaning up, but I did have something good." I don't know what kind of an answer that was, but I wanted him to leave me alone, which he did right afterwards. What did he mean? Maybe his wife nursed their children and he's totally in the know about this kind of stuff. I don't know, it was weird.

Hopefully, my day turns out to be normal without anyone hitting me or saying weird stuff to me. And now I must go back to sleep. I'm tired!

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Melissa H said...

Oh my gosh, X! I know it isn't funny, but I laughed through this entire post!