Monday, August 02, 2004


"The Danger of the Dead," is an article I stumbled upon that focuses on the dangers of dead bodies after a terrorist attack. The dead bodies could be contaminated with an infectious disease, which would potentially harm investigators, coroners, and anyone else that might come into contact with the bodies.

These are situations that our government has to think about. I personally would of not thought about it, but as the article points out, "as warriors realized in the Middle Ages as they committed what may be the first acts of bioterrorism in history. According to historians, they used a unique delivery system -- catapults -- to fling plague victims over walls into enemy territory." As I'm now recalling, there were other instances where this method had been used."

I am glad that people are thinking outside of the box. As grim as this scenario sounds, it could happen and we should be prepared for it. Our time of safety in this country are long gone. All we could do now is prevent any attacks and be prepared in case of an attack. This is all new to us, in a sense, because we have the two oceans protecting us from terrorists coming in. That has worked in the past, and I'm talking when there wasn't any planes. But now we have to realize that everything is accessible, including the country. So we have to adjust to the times.

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