Saturday, August 21, 2004


Over the years of working customer service jobs, I've pretty much seen and heard just about everything. I've come to the conclusion that human beings are very unique. Hell, I'm the same way. I've probably have said many stupid things in my life and forever will. No surprise there. At least I know that I try my hardest not to sound stupid. That's the best I could do under the circumstances.

Anyway, I got a pretty funny question today at work. I'm at the condiment bar wiping it down and getting rid of the sugar packets/straws that people always fail to throw away in the trash. There is a woman standing next to me reaching for a straw to put into her iced latte. She takes a sip from it, looks at me, and says, "This is not sweet." I respond, "No it isn't. It's just espresso with milk." She then tries to justify her reaction by saying, "But it's iced." At that point, I should have said "Right, I forgot that ice sweetens things up. Let me remake that for you." I obviously didn't say that. I told her to go ahead and add sugar. She was then worried that the sugar wasn't going to melt. After that statement, I felt like telling her that sugar doesn't melt, but it dissolves. I'll forgive her on the "melt" part, I don't think she was American. I don't get people.

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