Thursday, February 17, 2005

Embarrassing Moment

Today we had a field trip to the Miami Metro Zoo. First time I've been there and I thought it was pretty neat. The kids were super excited that they were visiting the zoo (some had never been there). I was walking with another teacher and her students (21 kids and only two teachers, but that's a different story). We stop in front of the Asian elephants. These animals are impressive looking. Their size is a bit surreal. Well as the kids are in awe looking at the elephants, the male one decided to show us his stuff. Yup, totally out so that everyone could see. The other teacher quickly walks towards me and says "Do you see that?" Not only did we notice, but of course the little ones noticed. One of my students runs to me and says, "Mrs. Diaz he's showing us his thing, ill!" Once one kid mentions it, it's like a chain reaction they all start pointing to the elephant's penis. All I kept on hearing was, "Mrs. Diaz his pipi is out!" Needless to say, we moved the group out of there very fast. After the fact, I couldn't stop laughing to myself. But at that moment I wanted to hide.

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