Thursday, February 17, 2005

Get This Off My Chest

Did you know that duck rhymes with fuck? That's what an eight year old told me the other day. An eight year old!! Best of all, he came up to my desk giggling when he decided to share this wonderful knowledge. I didn't slap him because I would go to jail for it, but I scolded him enough to make him cry. After all was said and done he gave me the middle finger and grabbed his crotch. When I spoke to his father the other day because he doesn't do any class work or his homework for that matter, one of the things I mentioned was that his son was caught stealing at the museum the kids went to for a field trip. His father's response, "Oh that's kids' stuff, I though you were going to tell me something more serious." Of course the next day the kid still didn't show up with any homework done.

I tell you that most of the time if the kid is messed up, the parents are worse. I see this everyday at the school. For instance, a grandmother came in the other day screaming that we give the children frozen food and that her grand daughter can't have lunch that way. Meanwhile, her grand daughter eats lunch upto three to four times because the medication that she's on makes her eat. The girl is overweight, but we give her frozen food. I feel as if I live in the twilight zone.

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