Friday, February 04, 2005


I've never been happier that it's Friday than today. What a week! Between school, the dog incident, and my topper the battery dying in my car, I have to say that I need some rest. Although I can't complain because even though everything seem to be going wrong this week, every situation has worked out. Yesterday when the battery died, I had one of my coworkers give me a jump. I made it to Dan's job and the car died again. But there was a gentleman that had parked right next to me and he helped me out. Dan came dowstairs with his coworker/friend, Tiannie, and she was going to follow us to the auto shop just in case the car died again. As we're making a right onto the main road, the car just stops. Luckily there was a police officer behind us and he helped Dan push the car to the side. He was really nice. Dan and Tiannie left to buy the battery and the officer said he didn't have any flares to give me. But he called in another officer who did and sent him over to me and I got my flares (that way I wouldn't get killed by a Miami driver). At that moment Dan's boss came downstairs to remove the battery. Long story short, the battery got installed. Then Dan and I went to dinner (we both needed a drink).

I have to look at the bright side of things because I would go crazy. So thanks to everyone that helped, our evening turned out to be relaxing. TGIF!!!!!

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