Saturday, February 26, 2005


I just ran into an interesting article about masturbation on Wired News. The author of the article, Regina Lynn, states that she has tendonitis on both arms. Due to that, she no longer masturbates by hand. She can't! Pain starts shooting up her arms, which obviously prevents her from using her fingers. She needs to use a vibrator or any other device that would allow her to masturbate pain free.

The point of her article is not that she masturbates but that in the state of Alabama the selling, production, or distribution of sexual devices is against the law. Can you imagine that? What about those poor people that have disabilities? What a violation of your privacy!! This thought may have never crossed your mind (honestly, it never crossed mine), but should people with disabilities not be able to enjoy themselves in Alabama?

Even if you could use your own hands, should you not be allowed to buy a sex toy because the law prohibits it? I personally find it odd. Why should the government care about what you do in the privacy of your house? As long as you're not hurting anyone and there are consenting adults involved, who cares?

Read the article. It makes a great point for sex toys, and how these sex toys should match the need of the person. There are even advocates for sexual rights for people with disabilities. I don't care what you think, but sexual activity is a very important aspect of our lives. The people who decided to make this law in Alabama should have realized this.

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