Sunday, September 18, 2005


My anxiety is building up by the minute. If you haven't read my previous post below, I suggest you do so first. Then you'll understand this post. Anyway, I'm so damn excited about moving that my heart feels as if it's racing. This is becoming very real and fast, which is a good thing. After spending over three months apart form Dan (minus the one week of our second honeymoon), I'm more than ready to resume my life.

The fact that I'm turning thirty in two days has not even phased me. All I keep on thinking about is seeing Dan on Tuesday and our drive up from Miami (I swear, I'm not driving down to Florida for a long time). Being apart from Dan has been hell. Two more days, two more days (I keep on repeating this to myself over and over). My flight might be delayed on Tuesday because of a tropical storm, which is not making the situation any better. Of course, I wouldn't expect anything less because I keep on concentrating on the fact that we've been apart too long. Like attracts like. Let me change my way of thinking so that I attract my flight to go as planned.

On a better note, I just made plans for Halloween!!!! I'm taking my niece and nephew (and maybe the baby) to the Museum of Natural History for trick or treats. My best friend, and now next door neighbor, takes her kids there every year and says it's a blast. My niece is so happy about this that I can't even explain it to you. She kept me on the phone for about 30 minutes asking all sorts of questions about it. She is just adorable. Then she found out that her uncle Danny will be there and her response was, "Oh my goodness that is such great news!" She loves Dan to death. I don't blame her, I love him too. BTW, I bought a costume for my dog Louie. He is going to be Darth Vader. I can't wait!!

I've also pretty much made plans for Thanksgiving. Since I'm the one in charge of making the gobble-gobble, I'm having it at my place. I'm not sure if the apartment will be completely furnished by then, but at least it will be fun. I'm not sure if you know, but I make the best turkey in the world. Even my best friend who hates turkey will eat mine. It's yummy. I'm thinking about baking, but I'm not sure yet what to make.

As you can see, my anxiety also makes me ramble a lot. I can't help it. I have to get it out of my system before I freak out. At least this is good anxiety. What I mean by this is that I'm just excited. Nothing bad is going on around me. For instance, I was having anxiety issues when I was teaching. That was not a happy anxiety. At times, I thought I was going to beat the crap out of everyone in front of me (especially when I got physically assaulted by the students). It takes a lot out of you to control that adrenaline. Luckily, I'm just happy.

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