Friday, September 09, 2005

Hidden Emotions

I finally got to emailing one of my former coworkers from the school I was teaching at in Hialeah. As I was reading her response, she mentioned my favorite student. I'm not going to say her name, but you've heard me talk about her before. To begin with, this little girl looks like if she could be my daughter. In fact, whenever a new teacher would start at the school, she would ask me if she was my daughter. The resemblance was so obvious that the other teachers would refer to her as my daughter.

Needless to say, I became very attached to her. I would often say that if I could ever adopt her I would. She's the sweetest thing you could ever imagine, but she is a very troubled child. From what I've gathered from her mother, she was physically abused by a teacher. I have to add that there has to be a drug problem with the mother because all of her four children have handicaps. Just by having a conversation with this woman you would realize that she's not all there.

This coworker of mine mentioned that my former student has talked about me and told one of my other coworkers that she loves me. When I read this I broke down and started crying. Actually, I'm still crying about this. I figured that by now she may have forgotten about me since I haven't been around. I miss her so much. Even though she gave me such a hard time, I wouldn't trade that time I've spent with her for anything else. She has taught me how beautiful a human being can be. I'm so sad that I can't be around her anymore.

When I go down to Miami to pick up Dan, I plan to visit the school. My first question is going to be about my "adoptive daughter." I hope I could contain my emotions when I see her because I'm not doing such a good job at it right now. I love that little girl and I can't wait to see her.

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