Friday, March 16, 2007

Spring Teaser

The temperature climbed to 70 degrees this week, but spring is still far away. Our week is ending with a snowstorm. I was excited about the warmer weather. On Tuesday, I met Dan for lunch and walked around Manhattan for about an hour or so (I quickly realized how badly I need to condition my body to walking; I got tired fast). On Wednesday, I went out and did a little shopping. I was loving these days!

Thursday came around promising to be just as nice temperature wise. It was suppose to rain, which is not really a big deal. The temperature reached around 67 degrees. By early evening, it was in the 30s and it was snowing/raining. The snow hasn't stopped! What happened to my delicious weather? What a tease!

I know the weather will get warmer eventually, but this snowstorm has really put a damper on my spirits. Spring hurry up!!

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