Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Foul Mood has Exited the Building

Soon after I went to bed (after my ranting), I fell soundly asleep. I didn't even wake up to go to the bathroom, which is an acccomplishment in itself. That morning, I woke up and was back to my chipper self. Man, was I miserable! I hope that awful mood does not return (and if it does not as bad). It makes me wonder how people who are normally in a bad mood function. It really interferes with everything around you.

Anyhow, I am happy to report that we finally got our iMac back last night. Although I did manage to borrow a laptop while the computer was at the shop, it doesn't compare to having your own computer. Once Dan finishes all the little details that need to be done, I'll have my own side with all the stuff I look at. I have to admit, I felt lost without my computer. Maybe, I've become to dependent on it.

Random: So my Earth Day plans didn't work out. I ended up throwing away my peanut plant. It was full of bugs that are now flying around my apartment. I tried drowning those little suckers out and put the plant on my fire escape (I know, ghetto), but nothing seemed to work. On top of that, the plant looked sick. I had no choice, but to get rid of it. I never made it to buy another plant either. I'm sure I'll get to it eventually. My other plants are doing wonderful.

Sorry for the boring post, but not much has really been going on. Last week, I hit my five month mark, which I'm excited about. I no longer fit into my regular pants and definitely have to wear maternity clothes. I found that out yesterday as I was trying to put on my corduroys and could barely button them. I guess I'll wear them next fall/winter (actually, I hope they're too big for me to wear). Well, that's it!

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