Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Lot Could Change in a Week

On Thursday, the tenth, Dan mentioned to me that his company needed a temp to cover for a guy that's out on medical leave for three months. It would be the same position he has except it I would be dealing with commercials instead of news like he does. We would also be sitting not even ten feet from each other. He told me that I'm getting too tired working my bar shift on Fridays and with the tutoring, it would be a great gig. So, how could I say no?

He said he would talk to the head of that department to see if there would be any conflicts since we're married. The boss thought it would be a great idea and since the job would last three months, it would be perfect for me (he already knew about my pregnancy). He asked Dan to have my resume in on Monday and that I would probably interview on Tuesday.

On Monday afternoon, I get a call from human resources asking me to come in for an interview on Tuesday at 10:00. I graciously accepted and then became nervous. What if I mess up or don't get the job right and make Dan look bad? Dan assured me that none of that would happen. He said the job is easy and I would be fine. That calmed me down. Now, all I did was wait.

Tuesday comes around and I get myself ready for this interview. I show up and meet "the boss" and he's very nice. We talk for a bit. He's staring at my resume, but not really asking me questions. Basically, he describes the nature of the job. He also tells me that I don't have the job yet because they have to consider other candidates (I figured I would be told this so that I wouldn't be smug about the whole thing). I then get sent to human resources and talk to the lady for another bit. She doesn't ask me any questions, but describes what the job is like.

I have to meet with the other boss again. Human resources tells that I would most likely find out if I got the job tomorrow. I said fine. As I'm waiting to be brought back in to see the boss, the lady from human resources comes back out and asks me if I have any plans for the day. I tell her that I don't. She then asks me if I could stay for a few hours and says "Oh yeah, by the way you are hired." Of course I said I would stay.

Dan is now staring at me and so are the other guys from his department (I know them all) wondering if I'm training or what the hell is going on. I finally get to go to lunch (they can't say no to someone who is pregnant) and I go with Dan (it was his lunch hour). As we're walking toward the elevator, he asks me what's going on and I told him that I'm working. He was very excited for me.

Dan was right about the job being easy. I actually enjoy it. I wish it weren't a temp job and that there was more money involved. I've gotten the hang of it pretty quickly and my boss now wants to teach me how to edit, which was what Dan use to do. I'm all for it. You never know what comes out of this.

I'm still doing the tutoring. That goes on until June 20th and begins again once school starts. Depending on how my job prospects go once I go back into the work force, will determine whether or not I'll continue tutoring. Honestly, for right now I'll finish the student I have. I'm quite disappointed with the tutoring company I work for because I'm still waiting for the text books. So for now, I'm providing all of the materials for the child. I really detest that.

Friday was my last day at the bar job, which I'm so happy about. I couldn't keep working there for much longer. In fact, the only reason I stayed there was because I had no other source of income. I would come out of work so exhausted that I'd wait at least an hour before I left the restaurant because I couldn't move. It was just daunting. Then I would get home and pass out on the couch for hours. Luckily, now I have a job that I sit all day. It makes all the difference.

So within a week, I went from having two part time jobs (well one day a week at the bar didn't really count) to a full time and a part time job. This will hold me through the summer and once Will is born we'll figure something out. I always have the option to return to bartending. I'm not that worried about working. Something will always come up. Now, all I have to do is wait for Will to be born.

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Marta Diaz said...

Congratulations...this could be a big break for you both. Love to see you on Saturday. We get in at 10am Newark airport.