Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Now that it's super hot, I hate eating. In the mornings, I'm always hungry and that's when I do most of my eating. Once I get home from work, I'm fine with a bowl of cereal or a chocolate shake. I have to food shop this weekend and I will buy some salad mix so that at least I get my veggies in. It's just too damn hot to cook or eat. Luckily for me, Dan doesn't bitch much about food. As long as he eats something, he's fine.

We're bad about cooking, too. I took out ground beef to make picadillo (Cuban), but we ended up out and about for a few days and I had to throw it out (like I'm rich or something). I think my best bet is buying plenty of salad mix, add some spinach, craisins, and maybe chicken, and we'll have ourselves a healthy dinner. Tonight, I might make fried eggs with white rice (maybe). I need the protein and I did already have a bowl of cereal for breakfast. If I only had the energy to get my ass to McDonald's or some place similar to that, I would have a shake. What I do miss are those wheat shakes my mother-in-law would make for me in Miami. I so need to buy wheat puffed cereal (it's easy to make: wheat puffed cereal, milk, sugar, and ice). They are nutritious and delicious!

Normally, I wouldn't care about what or how much I was eating, but we know that little Will needs to get fed. He definitely lets me know when he's hungry and I abide by his rules. I just hope I'm eating enough. Well, I'm gaining weight (18 lbs). I can't be doing that bad. I do make sure to drink plenty of milk. My servings have also gotten bigger. So, I shouldn't worry so much about it. I think if I get the apartment cool enough, I'll make the rice and eggs (and I'll add a bit of corn--yum). See you later!

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gretchen said...

I would love to be neighbors with you and Salome and just show up for dinner a couple times a week.