Monday, July 30, 2007

Pics and Anniversary Update

Our anniversary was wonderful! We went to have brunch at The Madison Bar and Grill. This is our favorite spot and haven't been there in about two years. When Dan thought of it, we immediately changed our mind about dinner. The unfortunate thing about our day was the weather. There were thunderstorms all day long, which cut our outing short. It was way too dreary to be out. Also, the roads were dangerous to be driving around in.

We went home and knocked out. At around 8:30, Sal and Guy made us dinner and dessert. We had a great time and stuffed our brains once again. Even though the weather sucked, our day was perfect. We spent plenty of quality time together and shared it with our friends. It was great!

On to a different subject, I have pictures of baby Cal. He's so yummy, wonderful, and precious. I can't wait for Will and him to become best buds. So here he is:

Isn't he adorable?


Melissa H said...

Ohhhh, precious!! And, I LOVE the pic of you with the baby and the baby-belly. :-)
(and I hate you a little bit that you look so wonderful while pregnant!)

Xia Diaz said...