Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I Know it's Summer and All

But does it have to feel like I live in Miami? I'm surprised I made it to work and back home without collapsing. It's a perfect day to be in the water!! Unfortunately, my vacation won't come until I give birth (and that won't be a vacation). We had no choice but to leave the air conditioner on all day for the dog. Poor baby! I was worried all day about him. I'm afraid there will be another blackout and he'll roast.

I can't wait for autumn. It's my favorite season! That's when I get into hiking, exercising, crocheting, and knitting. Of course this year we'll have an added bonus! At least we'll be able to take the baby out since the weather will be nice and crisp. Ahhhhh......

For now, I'll hibernate in my apartment and daydream.


Evelyn said...

Did you attend Fashion Industries Highschool by any chance?

Xia Diaz said...

No, I didn't.