Sunday, April 22, 2007

Earth Day

Why can't it be Earth Day everyday? We should do something for the environment every single day. Don't we do home repairs constantly? Well, isn't our planet our home? Come on people!! I won't be able to buy a plant for today, but tomorrow morning I have to head out to Jersey. In my travels I want to buy a new plant. I've been aching for an orchid (they are my favorite). We'll see what I get. I also need to replant Mr. Bamboo. His roots are almost sticking out of the pot. I think a trip to either Home Depot or Lowes will help out my cause.

New York City's mayor Michael Bloomberg has setup a package that will have approximately 2 million trees (I think that's the correct number) planted by 2017. 23, 000 trees will be planted annually. Bloomberg is also urging the private sector to contribute. Although I'm ecstatic about the new trees, why wait so long? I know money should be allotted for this, but isn't this important?

At least we're moving in the right step. I hope everyone contributes and does something for Earth day!

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