Thursday, April 05, 2007

Gingrich Tries to Apologize, I Think

Dear Newt Gingrich decided to do somewhat of an apology and post it on YouTube. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find the video, but supposedly he talks in both English and Spanish. If anyone happens to run across this video, post the link as a comment. Since he didn't outright apologize, I think he wasted his time talking in Spanish. Why would you try to learn the language of the ghetto?

I'm still furious about this whole thing. Spanish is a beautiful language that I am going to teach my child. It is very important to who we are as a people to continue showing our descendants our heritage. I am very proud of being Spanish and Cuban and I'm also very proud of being American. Now that Gingrich is learning Spanish (as he claims), maybe he'll understand that learning a language allows you not only to speak a different tongue, but get a glimpse of what the culture is like. Granted, the Spanish language represents many diverse cultures, but you get the idea.

No one should ever criticize another language. Knowing different languages is a wonderful thing. I took French in college and wish I knew it better. People are always afraid of diversity, but it's really a wonderful thing. I want my child to learn as many languages as possible (as long as he/she wants to). It will open up a world of opportunity. Do I agree that you should know English in this country? Yes. It would be unwise not to learn the language. What I find ironic is that those who usually criticize others for not knowing English only know English. I would like them to learn a different language and see how easy it is.

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Melissa H said...

What I find more ironic is that, usually, people who criticize other languages are not even proficient in English. It drives me crazy that most people can't figure out that "your" and "you're" really are two different things.