Tuesday, April 03, 2007

An Exciting Day thus Far!

Well, today I enter my fourth month! I'm beginning to enjoy the pregnancy more as my nausea (except for this morning) has pretty much disappeared. I'm no longer sick, which is great. I did end up at the doctor's office last week and he told me that I had a viral infection. Luckily, that's gone. My sleep is still weird. There are nights that I sleep through (of course I do get up to go to the bathroom) and other nights I can't sleep a wink. That was the case last night. All in all, I'm doing great.

Another exciting thing that happened today is that I found a job!! I still bartend once a week and technically, I'm still a loan officer. I found a job that is suited for the upcoming baby. I will be tutoring kids! I make my own hours and it pays decent. As long as money keeps on flowing, we shouldn't have any problems. I want the baby to stay home at least for the first year before he/she goes to daycare. This job will facilitate that for me. I could work when Dan gets home and even tutor on Saturdays when Dan will definitely be home. If we get strapped for cash, then I will have to figure something out. For now, it should work.

So I hope all of you are having a happy Tuesday because I sure am. Tomorrow, I'll have more pictures of the baby and hopefully I'll get a peak at whether it's a boy or a girl. Since Dan can't come with me to the appointment, I'm going to have the technician put the pic in an envelope (if she's able to see anything). Once Dan gets home, we'll find out if the baby will be William or Violet (those are the tentative names; nothing else has come to mind). Wish me luck!!

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