Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Homeless Man

As you know from my previous post, I went to the movies with Dan last night. I met him and his coworker (he was going to the Film Forum to watch a different movie) in Port Authority. As we are walking to catch the 1 train, we come across a homeless man. Both Dan and his coworker are in front of me. I glance at the homeless man (because he's slightly to my left in front of me). You could tell by looking at his face that he wasn't on this planet. He seemed lost, but happy (he was smiling).

The next thing I know, he hits me across my head with either a bag or something really light, and keeps on walking. You could imagine how surprised I was. I grab Dan's arm to tell him what happened, and he was in more shock than I was because he missed the whole thing. We then tell his coworker and he's also shocked.

All three of us started laughing. What's even funnier is that when Dan saw the man, the first thought that crossed his mind was the guy hitting me. I guess he should listen to his intuition more often. I'm glad it wasn't serious and we were able to laugh about it. Stuff like this always seems to happen to me. I guess I attract the weirdos.

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Anonymous said...

That reminds me... I owe Bill $5! LOL