Friday, June 18, 2004

Cuba Travel?

Should it be limited or left alone? That is the question. For many Cubans traveling to Cuba is a necessity to connect with relatives they can't see on a daily basis. It's not an easy subject to discuss. For instance, my father left Cuba in 1971. He was never able to bury his father or mother, and hasn't seen his brother either. My father has also been very weary of traveling to the disenchanted island. Our lives on this planet aren't very long compared to how long Earth has been around. Should families be restricted on seeing relatives because we don't agree with Cuba's policies? There are very good arguments on both sides. Restricting travel limits the amount of US dollars Castro receives and also it will hurt the Cuban people. Should it be restricted now? How long does Castro have to live? Well, according to his doctors he will live until 140 (right!!). I mean did the doctor tell Castro this with a straight face? Ridiculous!!!!! Anyway, here's the link to the article: Cuba

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