Sunday, June 27, 2004

Latin America

"Latin America is Growing Impatient With Democracy" by Juan Forero, is an article that touches base on what I had previously posted in "Is Democracy in Danger?". The article does not state that our democracy is in danger, but it points out how Latin America is discontent with the democratic process. The common people are not benefiting from democracy because most of the politicians are corrupt. There is no trust between the people and the elected officials. Latin American people want an authoritarian government in charge. I figure they at least know what to expect from them.

As I mentioned before, the United States needs to pay attention to what is going on south of the border. The government is worried about terrorists abroad, but are not concerned with problems in our own hemisphere. It is very unfortunate this situation is brewing in Latin America. With all the intelligent people that make up these countries, they are not helping their own cause. Most of them, if they are lucky, come to the United States to make a better life for themselves, which you can't blame them. The others take advantage of the situation, and become corrupt. We'll see what comes out of this unrest.

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