Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Nude Teen Camp

I stumbled upon an article that completely caught me by surprise. There is such a thing as nude teen camps. Now, the thought of nude teen camps has never crossed my mind. I know there are adult nude camps or getaways, whatever you want to call them. Hey, if Dan and I want to hang out with other fellow nudists that's our problem. But children from the ages of eleven through eighteen? HELLO?? Have parents forgotten how horny teenagers are? Does an eleven year old need to see an eighteen year old naked? How about the other way around?

Listen, I am very comfortable walking around naked (I know, most of you wouldn't be and you're all getting a visual). I don't have a problem with naked people, but I don't want to see kids naked. The best part of the article is that the ACLU is suing the federal government because there was a band placed against the White Tail Park for allowing naked kids. Aren't they busy doing other stuff?

The funniest part is that Rebecca Glenberg, one of the attorneys, states that the children are perfectly comfortable being around other naked kids, and they are highly supervised. Well of course they are highly supervised, they are naked! Leave it up to the ACLU to back this one up.

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