Friday, July 09, 2004

Big Fat Lie

There you have it folks, CIA director, George Tenet, lied about weapons of mass destruction according to the Senate Intelligence Committee. Why would Tenet lie about this? This seems pretty sloppy business coming from the head of the CIA. This report is very troubling.

According to another report from the AFP,they found no evidence that the Bush administration pressured Tenet to come up with false reports. Although, according to the BBC, "The report does not address the issue of whether the Bush administration exaggerated the case for war in Iraq - which is being investigated separately." An article from states, "But some intelligence analysts did tell the committee they felt a need to emphasise one piece of evidence over another – a form of pressure, several Democratic lawmakers will point out in an “alternative view”, according to a Democratic congressional aide."

If some of the analysts felt they had to emphasize certain pieces of evidence over others, we have a huge problem. If the Bush administration was involved in skewing the reports, we have to hold George W. Bush accountable. This is an atrocity to the men and women who have lost their lives defending our country. This report is going to lead to more damning news. Unfortunately, we look like morons in front of the international community.

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