Tuesday, July 27, 2004

I am no Longer a Non-Producer

Dan coined that phrase when he was making fun of me for not having a job, expect he called me an "NP." Of course when he said that to me I just started laughing and threatened that I could be a real NP, and do nothing at all throughout the day. He stopped laughing!! I then laughed harder. Anyway, I got a job at Barnes and Noble at the Cafe. I want to see if I work my way into management. The prospects seem pretty good. They are impressed with me. I actually started today. It's like bartending w/o the tips, and no one talking loudly. It seems like a cool job, and management is very nice.

I'm also almost done with setting up my eBay store. I'm waiting for Paypal to verify me, and I'll post my stuff. I'm pretty proud of myself, I already sold two hats w/ the matching scarves to a friend of mine. So, I want to show you guys what I've made so far.

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