Wednesday, July 14, 2004


Since I'm not currently working, I decided instead of becoming overwhelmingly bored at home to start crocheting. The last time I crocheted was when I went to Spain twenty years ago. My grandmother knits and crochets all the time. She use to make sweaters for my cabbage patch doll, Dulce Ella. That summer, she attempted to show the me the ropes. I never got the knitting part, but crocheting was a blast.

I told Dan that I wanted to make scarves and hats and try to sell them on eBay. I think it's a good idea. Hopefully, so will the buyers. Surprisingly, I remembered how to do it. I now have two scarves, one hat, and an unfinished hat (I ran out of the yarn I was using). The hat fit my head, which if you all remember I have a huge head. It's a bit tight on me, but it should fit the rest of you normal head people. The scarves are different in size and width. I don't recall the dimensions at the moment, but the one scarf is really wide and thick. The other scarf is narrower and thinner. I used different stitches on these two, also.

I am now teaching myself how to knit. This is definitely harder to do. I'm sure once I get the hang of it, I'll knit faster. At this moment, I'm not getting far. The important thing is that I know the concept of knitting. I'm attempting to knit a scarf. I probably won't be done with this scarf for at least two to three days, but I'm having fun doing it. And I know the scarf will come out beautiful!!

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