Monday, July 12, 2004

Modern Job Search

This information was passed on to me by Dan and I want to share it with you.

Advice for a Thoroughly Modern Job Search
By: Amy Baldwin, The Charlotte Observer

Heads up, job hunters. Here's what's out and what's in for 2004.

OUT: Using terms like "team player" and "results-driven."

IN: Citing specific examples of such traits.

OUT: One-page resumes if you have 7+ years of experience.

IN: Two- to three-page resumes that highlight quantifiable achievements.

OUT: Functional resumes organized by skills and experience.

IN: Resumes that list experience in reverse chronological order.

OUT: Covering up employment gaps.

IN: Explaining gaps in cover letter.

OUT: Relying on want ads for job leads.

IN: Sending resumes to a "target list" of companies for which you want
to work.

OUT: Vague answers to standard interview questions.

IN: Real-life examples to illustrate your points.

OUT: References with impressive titles who don't know you well.

IN: Variety of well-informed references, including former peers.

OUT: Telling the interviewer you want the job.

IN: Offering to assume post on trial basis.

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