Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Flat Tire

Dan and I are getting ready to leave this morning. When he comes back from walking the dogs, he announces that we have a flat tire. It just so happens to be the brand new tire that we got about a month ago, when he ran over a bolt. Now, I don't know how hot it is outside. Let me put to you this way, I wouldn't walk around the lake with this heat. I probably die of a heat stroke. Anyway, my dear husband proceeds to change the tire. You know, I should have just hosed him down (besides, it probably would have been erotic in some weird way). He was soaked from sweat. This Florida sun has no mercy. I brought him a big glass of iced water and a roll of paper towels. He just wouldn't stop sweating. He would dry his face and two seconds later, he was drenched.

Finally, he changed the tire. I offered to help, but of course he refused. I have to give Dan a lot of credit. He did his job and not a peep came out of his mouth. He did curse the sun when it started going away when he was tightening the bolts on the donut. I think we could all agree that's not out of this world.

At this moment, he's taking a shower. We were suppose to leave the house at around 8:00 am. Obviously, we got to a late start. I have to give it to him. Dan is a great guy. I'm glad I picked him. Now, back to the hosing down part......

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