Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Liberal Bias?

I found this weblog, PressThink,which deals with the press. The editor of the blog is Jay Rosen, who is a professor at New York University. I was checking out the website and found an article, "Editor and Publisher Wants Answers: Are Newsrooms Too Liberal? Very Tricky Question."
I suggest you take a look at it, especially if you're one of those people that believe this to be true (like me). Now, it even talks about the Fox News Channel, which I know my liberal friends would like to hear about.

There's nothing wrong with being liberal or conservative. Absolutely nothing. When it becomes a problem is when you believe that the way you think is the norm and report it in that matter. It becomes important when journalists are reporting straight up news. I am not talking about commentary shows either. They are not reporting the news; they are commenting on them. You know what you are getting with those types of shows. For example, if you listen to Rush Limbaugh, you know you are getting a lesson on how to be the perfect Republican. He doesn't hide that fact.

So check out this article and the website. I found it interesting, hopefully you will, too.

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