Tuesday, July 13, 2004


It is beyond me why there is a debate about marriage in this country. I don't care if a gay couple gets married. It doesn't offend me. In fact, I have no say in it because it's their decision not mine to make. It is ridiculous that at time when we have just learned that the CIA has made up information about wmds that we are concentrating on whether gay men and women should not be allowed to marry.

Why is this important? Because the religious right thinks it's a sin? I hate to break the news to you, but marriage came about when humans thought about the concept of private property. Before private property, people would have sex and children without any written commitment. When private property became a part of life, men needed to have proof that they were leaving property and money to their own children. The only way to prove this at that time was to have a legal contract binding the women to the men. This makes perfect sense. A woman could always prove that her children are hers, but a man (back in the day) couldn't.

So there you have it. Marriage was brought about because of private property, not because of God. It is a legal commitment that assures that property is being passed on to the rightful heirs. Why is this becoming such an issue is beyond me. If any of these people would understand this concept, then they would allow gay people to marry. They don't procreate, but they can adopt. With all the orphans in the world, why can't these children have two dads or two moms? The point is, they would be loved and cared for. I wish people would think of the bigger picture.

The sanctity of marriage is not in danger because of allowing two men to marry or two women to marry. It is in danger because many people marry without completely thinking about dedicating the rest of their lives to that other person. That's one of the biggest commitments you'll make besides having children. Fifty percent of Americans divorce. Where's the sanctity there?

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