Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Money or Sanity?

I chose sanity. I did it. I resigned from work. I figured out our bills and realized we won't go bankrupt if I left. Money will definitely be tight, but I couldn't bare going in there again. So last night I had a long discussion with Dan, and he gave me the green light. I realized that I had to leave when Dan had told me he was going to drop me off at 7:30 am because he needed to go to DMV (I wasn't in until 11), and I threw a fit. If it hadn't been so late in the night, I think I would have broken everything in sight. No job is worth me freaking out about, especially flipping out on Dan. I think he then realized how miserable I actually was, and told me to resign. I was so relieved when he said those words to me.

So, this morning I typed up my letter of resignation, and printed out a bunch of copies of my resume. After the flat tire incident (which of course I took it as bad sign), I dropped off Dan at DMV and drove to work. When I got there, I was beginning to think that maybe I was making a bad decision. But then, I heard somebody's sales pitch and I knew I was going to be ok. I was extremely happy that I wasn't going to answer any more calls. I said goodbye to everybody, and was off on my way. My supervisor was very nice and said I could use her as a reference. She knew I wasn't going to be there for much longer.

There you have it folks. I'm going to have to bite the bullet for a while. I'll see if I get a job anywhere in the meantime. Decisions like these are hard to make. I hope that my decision to resign doesn't hurt us financially too much. Then again, we spent six months without either one of us having a job. We survived that situation. I have hope that we'll also survive this.

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Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

The money's never worth the loss of sanity, especially when it starts seeping into the homelife. Better to be broke for awhile and not at each other's throats than getting by and hating it. Good luck finding something else.